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Names belonging to those who have surrendered to the Dark Side of the Force, i.e., Darth (whatever). Usually an English word beginning with the prefix "in-" with the prefix removed.
Examples of Sith names in the Star Wars movies included Darth Sidious (from insidious) and Darth Vader (from invader). Other possible Sith names could include Darth Animate, Darth Bred, Darth Cestuous, Darth Conceivable, Darth Continent, Darth Credulous, Darth Ductive, Darth Famy, Darth Finity, Darth Flammatory, Darth Genuous, Darth Sane, Darth Sipid, Darth Sinuating, Darth Sufferable, Darth Timidating, Darth Toxicating, Darth Valid, and so on.
by Gahmuret July 05, 2006
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