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In a polyamourous relationship where at least two women are involved each woman is a sisterwife to the other. Sisterwives may or may not have a sexual relationship with each other.
Linda is Amy and john's sisterwife.
by maplefrost June 27, 2010
Another failure of a show in TLC's seemingly infinite army of disliked television programs.

Sister Wives follows the daily life of a family (notice this is the same boring recurring theme for TLC) composed of four wives, countless children we can only help but feel sorry for, and the husband/father, Kody, who you may think is privileged for having so many wives, but in reality would be lucky to even have his warts infested penis touched by one of his either fat or ugly wives.

Any courageous viewer is tortured with many antagonizing questions like: why would any woman submit herself and her children to such a degrading lifestyle? (to which the answer may vary: 1 the woman is too lazy to work and support herself and her kids and buys a quick ticket to financial support from Kody, 2 the woman just wants to be famous and on one of the worst TV shows since ever, or 3 yes, there ARE some retarded women that support polygamy), how are the children going to turn out? (to which there is only one answer: just as fucked up as their parents), and how can a family more populous than China afford a semi-mansion and more food than Half-Ton Dad and Half-Ton Mom (you guessed it - more TLC failures) are capable of eating? (to which the answer no one knows but to which everyone hopes Uncle Sam will force them into bankruptcy and end the viewers' pain.)
I banged up my knee pretty good last night, so I decided to watch Sister Wives and endure the mental torture to take away the pain from my knee.
by Cristo39 May 24, 2011
A female (family member/friend), who is a sister (or like a sister), who helps (usually another female) frequently with cleaning, cooking, childcare, other household duties, etc.

There is no romantic involvement with a sister-wife or her spouse, however she is beloved by the whole family.
Heather is always helping me cook, bake, clean and my children love her too! She is my sister-wife!
by Martha2010 November 23, 2009
The spouse of a native from the state of Kentucky.
My sisterwife & I have been together for a really long time; I met her when my mother gave birth to her.
by Manta Raye December 03, 2007
The worst show on television glorifying "crazy ass" ( technical term) Mormons in polygamist relationships. John Smith the creator of the Mormon religion was visited by an angel, "who revealed the location of a buried book of golden plates as well as other artifacts, including a breastplate and a set of silver spectacles with lenses composed of seer stones". The golden plates, artifacts, breastplate and silver spectacles (with seer stone lenses, of course!) vanished but now we have a new religion which allows members of the church to reproduce at high rates by marrying 4 or more women and having 1 to 6 children per wife. In short "sister wives" is defined as a show depicting the insanity of an occult.
If i was sister wives - ing it up id never have to cook, do laundry, or anything other than hook up with chicks on the daily
by captainplanet, your hero March 19, 2011
Best friend that is so close to you, she is like another wife your husband married. Husband may mistake her for his wife when she and wife are in the front seat of the car and said husband is in the back seat. Inflection and speech begin to mirror each other. Your kids may favor her over their own parents, and she treats them like they are her own! Not to be confused with sister from another mister.
My husband does not know who he is going to see first when he gets home, myself or my sister wife!
by gijoeswifey September 27, 2010
Close female friend (or Dave) who believes that she holds a position of importance in the life of the Queen, even though she really just sleeps on various surfaces in Party Central. A sisterwife doesn't pay rent, but is domiciled in the home of the Queen Sisterwife and has no problem leaving mass amounts of garbage and refuse for the Queen to clean up. Sisterwives often take pleasure in naked spooning with the Queen Sisterwife and her random conquests, and also have no shame in belittling young Sicilian bedfellows. Whilst a sisterwife has no respect for the Queen's minions, she will often find solace in handholding with the aforementioned young men who find themselves in the lair of the Queen.
Louis, you are taking a nap and I've called you 50 times, with no response. A sisterwife would never do that. Stop having sex with tranny prostitutes.
by Pepperoni Pizza March 09, 2008
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