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A good pop-rock band from Gainesville, FL. Some people think they are asstastic. These people are llamas.
Sister Hazel? Yeah, they rock. What? You don't think so? You llama!
by J. Kyle September 30, 2003
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The polar opposite of the above definition.
"Kyle was SO wrong about Sister Hazel...I mean, come on. They suck."
by Rob October 11, 2003
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A terrible band for preteen girls. They produce terrible music that you can't enjoy if you're not a preteen girl who hasn't hit puberty yet. This is the type of music that drives people to suicide, why would god let this type of shit exist? This band is the reason santa claus dosn't exist :(
My friend's roomate Josh likes sister hazel, he also likes anal sex with men... you decide.
by Cooley McCool September 20, 2006
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