A sister is someone who will be your friend at some point, and be your biggest enemy the next point. She can take you to Micheal's in the morning, and lie to you the next. She may also blackmail you when you skip school, even though you spent the day with her. Also she will not buy you a Christmas present, or a birthday present; but she will buy a guy (that'st not her boyfriend) Ugg moccasins.
Jennifer is my sister.
by A judgmental god. December 14, 2012
you want to jump her bones (in some cases, you do) but you call her your "sister" so people don't get suspicious.
"Oh no man, I just love her like a sister."
by irtw.lgkte,jcl;dsgxhndwq September 03, 2011
A person with whom you either share parents, church, or EXTREME love, understanding, and comprehension.
My sister is my best friend. I would protect her with all my skill, and even my life if necessary.

My sister is 67. I'm only 19. This is the best type of sisterly relationship ever!

Aletha Freeman-Black and Danger Granger-Lupin are sisters in every way that matters.

My sister and I share a religion and a brain type. Are we clinically insane? no. Are our IQs below 70? Certainly not.
by BookLover99 March 23, 2010
A smart, beautiful sibling who always has good advice for her brothers, who are always acting like buffoons.
Brother: Oh no! I have nothing good to wear on my date with the school slut!

Sister: I think you should dump her, you might get an STD. But if you insist on dating her, you should wear your black slacks and this white button up shirt.

Brother: Thanks Sis! You know what, you're right! I will dump her, and I'll ask the new girl out instead! Thanks a bunch!

Sister: You're welcome.
by Barb Ann October 27, 2006
1.a little BITCH who bursts out in tears when u touch her

2.an annoying BITCH whom at most times you wish would die
yesterday i felt like punching my bitch sister in the face
by CAPTAIN CANADA April 23, 2008
Somebody who has the same mother or father as you, can be half, whole, or annoying. Determined to be just like you, or bother you.
Also any female who is acting like a sister.
My sister is reading over my shoulder...
You better stay offa my man, sistah.
by i luv cOnNFoRmItY! March 23, 2004
God's worst screwup, made to teach brothers how unattractive and morally wrong the opposite sex really is.
My sister just PMSed all over me, in every way possible.
by Mac11 October 05, 2004
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