one who is always true to you, no matter what. one who will always love you. one who will trust you. your best friend for life. your gaurdian angel.
by VicLyn1244 April 29, 2011
(Verb) To terminate something in an abrubt or unexpected fashion. Derived from the sudden ending of Sergio's (BE) performance ("Sister") at the Eurovision songfestival in 2002.
After Jack was diagnosed with several STD's, he sistered his relationship with Svetlana.

"Art. 3: Watching midgetporn during working hours will sister this contract of employment and nullify all duties of the employer."

The problem with urinating from the Eifeltower is that you can't sister if the security guard catches you.
by Nasemeister December 12, 2012
Flesh related
relationship with other sub-members of a "family".

(Roman Caltholic Church)
Religious Relationship with abstain relationship to all others except God.
Sisters (Sonic Youth album)
Sisters (Letters to Cleo album)
Sisters (Sonic Youth album)
"Sisters", a song by She Wants Revenge
"Sisters", a song by The Ex from Turn
Sisters, a title similar to Nun in certain religious communities
Sisters, a sorority member
Sisters, a member of a peer group who is female
Sisters, a senior female nurse
Sisters, a Mormon or Muslim term of address for a female co-religionist.
Sisters: a character from the series The Berenstain Bears
by don'ttestrest,srate,LeatherFa April 01, 2009
Everybody has friends, they come in and out of your life at different stages. But some have stayed by you your whole life and will never leave.

That, is your sister.
Your sister is your full blood relation. You have exactly the same parents and family members. She's the girl that understands you more than anyone else could, she's that shoulder to cry on when the world is against you and knows just what to do to cheer you right back up. She's one of the first people you come to with good news. She's the one that's there, telling you how proud she is of you and giving you encouraging words when you need them.
Your sister is someone you couldn't imagine your life without. There'd be no one to tell your secrets to and no one to keep you strong when you are feeling so weak. Having her in your life is so important and so vital for those moments when life throws something at us.
Tarissa: I'm so jealous of Kelsey and Emmi. They're so close, they even have a pact where they tell each other everything! Why don't we have that?
Jaide: Of course they do, they're sisters! They've known each other all their lives. We've only known each other 6 weeks, let's give it a few years and see how we are.

They stopped becoming friends 3 months later.
by LAWLxo September 14, 2012
In a situation where men are living in confined quarters and are hard up for sex, another man may offer himself up as a sexual partner or "sister" in exchange for other favors. Alternatively, the man's anus may be referred to as "his sister" in such a situation. Although their actions may be homosexual, the men involved may not actually consider themselves gay.
Joker: "I wanna slip my tube steak into your sister. What'll you take in trade."
Cowboy: "What do you got?"
by John Bigbooty February 16, 2014
you want to jump her bones (in some cases, you do) but you call her your "sister" so people don't get suspicious.
"Oh no man, I just love her like a sister."
by irtw.lgkte,jcl;dsgxhndwq September 03, 2011
A sister is someone who will be your friend at some point, and be your biggest enemy the next point. She can take you to Micheal's in the morning, and lie to you the next. She may also blackmail you when you skip school, even though you spent the day with her. Also she will not buy you a Christmas present, or a birthday present; but she will buy a guy (that'st not her boyfriend) Ugg moccasins.
Jennifer is my sister.
by A judgmental god. December 14, 2012

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