Some girl who thinks that just because she's related to you, can just waltz into your house and eat all the strawberry flavored yougurts when she knows that thoes ones are your favorites!
You know your sister has broken into your house when

A. You turn on the TV and it's set to the Style Network.
B. There's tire tracks on your lawn.

C. Your cat's liter box has a human poo in it.
D. All the strawberry yogurts are gone.
by Woodrow Thrillson June 26, 2010
a whinning bitch from hell.
My sister got kicked out of hell for being such a bitch.
by Shroomster77 September 20, 2008
can be pretty bitchy people, may often get into fights, they may steal your clothes and not give them back, could also steal your boyfriends, but some sisters are very trustworthy people, and in the end sisters love eachother
my sisters stole my clothes
by mr. poppy seed April 16, 2011
A female in which you probably would hate if you didn't share the same parents. But because you do, you get to see EVERY aspect about her. She shows you her tears, she shares with you her jokes, and with that her laughter. And sometimes, her deepest emotions and though it's only for a mere moment, it is the most beautiful part of a human being and it is what reminds you of just how much you love her and why. With that being said, she is also going to be relentless and confusing as all hell at times and one may not even know why they were ever friends with the other. My sister has eyes that reflect the world as she sees it and the world, it always becomes more estonishing. Growing up with a sister is a blessing I wish not to take back but I hope one day we'll be able to have better communication. (: I'm sorry you've had to see the worst of me, and all my awkward stages, but I'm so happy that it was you that got to see the best. You have kept me out of so many mistakes and bad experiences and for that I am so entirely greatful and wish I had better words to describe it.
My sister likes to pretend she's on and island far from me but if I'm really gone, she will come to me and rap herself around me and ask why I'd leave her for so long, though it was only for the weekend I had been far. I can not part from her for more than a few months, I would not ever admit that.
by Lavenderlove March 28, 2015
1. a female sibling

2. a female friend that acts like, loves you like, and treats you like a sibling.
I don't have any sisters.

My best friend is like a sister to me.
by King's Daughter June 20, 2005
A Sibling of the Female sex, whom's goal is to create complete hell for the older sibling.
Be nice to your sister.
by Sirius July 07, 2003
There are two type of sisters, ones the good friend kind, she'll always seem to be there somehow when you need help and it just seems like a good friendship instead of having a sibling. You and your sister would often ask each other for favours and sometimes pull a couple pranks on each other and can keep a secret, it might seem strange sometimes but at the same time natural.

The other kind is the very annoying type, she is most likely very annoying and would really embarrass you in front of your friends, unintentionally, and intentionally. often quite arrogant and takes every advantage to crush your social life and confidence.
1. my friend carries his sister's stuff to school for her, in return he asks to borrow money from her whenever he has a sudden urge to raid a vending machine for candy.

2. my friend "Ok seriously, every time i come over to your house your sister is screaming, and now she's gonna come to your grad and probably scream because unlike you , she didn't get a date for the dance? That's rough."

Me "yea i know, she's gonna ruin it for me."
by sdjhfbskd July 10, 2008

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