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Sistasoul is the feminine version of a Bromance.

Sistasouls are two really close girlfriends in a non sexual manner. A Sistasoul can not be any friend but a specific friend whom you are able to connect with and possibly go to ihop or quiznos with at 2 in the morning. Sistasouls are known to constantly be singing music lyrics together in harmony and have a jam sesh at least 3 times a day. A Sistasoul is always swagged up and has her handy flashlight ready at all times. Many Sistasouls can be found in the hood and always have each others backs no matter what. A Sistasoul can never be replaced or forgotten and they are inseparable.
a sistasoul always is bursting out into songs
a sistasoul sometimes makes the stare face
a sistasoul will always have each others backs
a sistasoul is swagged up and be killin
a sistasoul should be gang affiliation on the day of determination
a sistasoul is never OFF TOPIC!!
by sistaasouls_moemoesisi November 29, 2011
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