A legendary figure, if you are described as a Sirvine your life is truly complete and you are awesome.
Boy: Wow, that guy is a real Sirvine!
Girl: I know, he is so awesome!
by MURICA May 31, 2012
Top Definition
Sirvine is amazing and the most awesome of people.
If somebody calls you a Sirvine you are totally amazing and you do not get angry or sad, you just get awesome.
Gav: Wow Sean truly is a Sirvine!
Cody: Yeah he is!
Sean: I know guys, I am quite awesome.
by Sirjizzle June 04, 2012
A leprechaun with an inferiority complex.
Jim: Look at that Sirvine.
Bob: What's a Sirvine, Jim?
Jim: Why, Bob, a Sirvine is a leprechaun... but with an inferiority complex... because he's inferior... and short... in all departments.
Bob: Ohhhhhhh
by SeanIrvine May 12, 2013
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