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A sex position for homosexual males. One person lies on his back and pulls his legs up at the knees. The other guy sits on his butt with his legs extended outward, and slides into position to penetrate the one on his back anally. Once penetration is achieved, either partner can masturbate the one lying on his back while he's being fucked.
Lebubu and Joker love to SirWilliam
by eatdirtfartdust January 19, 2009
When one would fist-fuck a girl forearm deep, on Christmas, and leave her laying on her bed hemorrhaging. Thus, leaving the possibility of hospitalization up to her parents, who may have been in the next room over.
Shit, you really Sir Williamed that girl to death last night. She bled like a stuck pig.
by Horny n' Houston June 13, 2009
1.A person of very high class and maintnence.
2.A person who is snobby.
1.That guy is really Sir William. Have you seen his Lamborghini?
2.He's so Sir William he turns his nose to everyone.
by Kaiine Joshua Sims December 05, 2007
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