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flushing lavatory, invented by Sir Thomas Crapper (although the term 'crapper' meaning 'somewhere to shit' was in use for hundreds of years previously)
i gotta go see sir thomas
by maggot February 24, 2005

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To assume or represent in a drama; act out: “Participants are encouraged to pass on leads about jobs... and to role-play interview situations with each other”
"I want to get along with everyone, and be friends with Game Masters, then do permissable PvP acts in-game, so everyone still loves me. Basically I want to be a SIR THOMAS."
by Havard Educator April 17, 2003
A Transitional stage, when an online gamer goes from "Role-Player", to Player vs. Player activity.
"You're the newbie! I may have been a SIR THOMAS at one time, but I've seriously changed my ways. I'll kick your ass anyday."
by Panemon The Educator June 04, 2003