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A person who is so pro at basketball, he is compared to his fellow players like a knight is to his fellow soldiers.

1. Damn that dude got game, man. I'ma call him Sir Swish, 'cause he so pro.

Playa 1: Yo, homie! I challenge you to a game of Streetball! You down?

Sir Swish: Yeah, bro. I'm down...but you about to get yo ass thrashed.

Playa 1: Heh...well see about that, wigga.

Playa 2: Hey...don't you know who that dude is? That Sir Swish! He can sink 3-pointers from halfway...with his eyes closed...and his back turned.

Playa 1: Oh shit! I'ma 'bout to be beat down, G.

Sir Swish: Come on, homie! Let's play some ball!
by deathstriker6666 April 27, 2006
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