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An injury sustained during sex.
One example of a sinjury is pulling a muscle during intercourse.
by Dr Sinjury October 02, 2008
an injury, illness, or condition derived from the indulgance of decadent or promiscuous activities. Any injury that happens while drunk and/or partying, usually hallmarked by a either not being able to either remember, or gracefully explain, how it happened.
Whoa, check out this bruise on my leg, where did it come from?

Dude you were totally wasted, thats one serious sinjury
by TheJAG77 December 27, 2009
An injury acquired during sex.
Man, check out my sinjury I got while trying to fuck in that Pontiac Firefly last night. I haven't walked straight since...
by Fawkward69 December 28, 2009
An injury sustained by a friend that would usually elicit concern and compassion but instead makes the friend the target of ridicule because of the idiotic manner in which the injury was received.
Brian: Dude, what the fuck happened to your leg? That looks nasty!

Matt: Oh yeah dude, I was wasted and I decided to jump off the back of a dump truck into a cougar nest.

Brian: You're a fucking idiot, that's a sinjury.
by mrmaroon25 April 28, 2010

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