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A one downin' fool you might encounter at your friend's mamma's house. Usually found lookin for purple stuff in the fridge on his way down to the basement where he might try to play uriah heep bass lines and poke holes in your rubbers.
Dude, if you can't already tell from the easy livin' riff, sinister finister is downstairs. I think he broke your dad's treadmill and oh yeah, you might want to double wrap your pickle if stacey is comin' over later.
by biddy-b January 21, 2005
God of the bass. Known to hang out with Nasty Maggots. A Cabbage Night Orchestra staple. All tremble in his presence, not due to fear, but rather to the low-frequency rumbles from the 4-stringed instrument of Satin (not Satan, but Satin – dark overlord of the underworld of disturbing artwork). “Sinister Finister”…the uttering of his very name causes your car to stall, your guitar to detune or snare drum head to break. An evil, evil presence which must be stopped in our lifetime, before somebody pokes an eye out.
Man, I went to see the Nasty Maggots last night, and Sinister Finister was there, and after the show on the way home, we were talking about him, and my car stalled!
by Slashy J. Izzbourne October 30, 2004
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