1.A old version of the word Indus then turned into Hindus or Hindu

2.A name for a quirky Indian girl

3.Not a term for homosexuality
"Did you see that?, she is so Sindhu!"
by Flixi December 28, 2008
Top Definition
1) A really cool person that can easily be pissed off
2) The person that thinks the other two defintions are racist and completely idiotic
Screw you!!!Sindhu rules!!!
by ooooeeeeooookillertofu February 28, 2006
Short for Sindhura, from the Indian roots meaning "to love the white boy with fabulous blue eyes". Sindhu especially refers to the girl with a gorgeous smile. Too bad we can only see the rest of her in daylight...
Someday 'The Man' will ask, "Sindhu, will you marry me?" while knowing all along that she has no other rational option but to marry the man of her dreams.
by ResidentDentist August 03, 2006
The sweetest Indian girl ever, who has an awesome smile, highly intelligent, freakin hot when she dances.
"Hey Sindhu mind going out with me?"
by J-Lo lover June 20, 2012
The girl with eyes as big as her brain. A very cool badass that has both a huge sense of humor and gets pissed off easily.
Being a Sindhu is my life goal!
by bruhcarrot February 01, 2015
Word originating from Indianian ("Hoozier") culture, mixed with Muslim heritage. Originally meaning water, but has been recieved in a different way and now can refer to homosexuality in the extreme and having a small, bent penis. Can be used as an adjective or noun. Use of this word is usually directed at people who no one like and who can never get women (and sometimes, men). Also see faggot and homo.
"Did you see that? That was so sindhu."

"Dude! Don't be a sindhu."

"Look at those sindhus with their pansy-ass dresses. That's sindhu, man"
by Robert van Maaren January 13, 2005
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