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Plural form of sin stick. Can be used either as slang when referring to cigarettes or as a derogatory name by non- and anti-smokers.
"You want one?"
"No thanks, I don't touch the sin sticks."
by MissDeVore June 24, 2006
The name priests and nuns give to dildos or other pleasure devices used in a vagina.
You and that sin stick are going to hell!!!
-Sister Agatha to a student
by Sphere72 April 27, 2008
A cigarette. Often called this by those very pious people. Also see cancer stick.
We flushed your sin sticks down the toliet.
- The Simpsons
by Rankojin December 10, 2004
A Cigarette. Commonly used by smokers as a joke, but in some cases used by people who look down on smokers. Usually used when refering to a cowboy killer.
Hey, can I borrow a sin stick?
All I got are menthols...
Nooooo thank you.
by Isar February 08, 2006