(1)simple plan-simple minds. A band whom are wannabes. Sound crap. Are whiney. Fans are either teenyboppers 'like omg ya simple plan' or some kid who wont shut up about how his/her life sucks.. yada yada yada.
(2) a plan/ scheme that is simple.:|
(1) Oh have you heard that simple plan song, called shut up? Ironic wouldnt you say? they should 'shut up.'
(2) aha! i like it! what simple plan, hmmm could work...
by sid vicious November 01, 2005
Five guys from Montréal, Canada. The band plays pop-punk music. They've been around since 1999 and put out their first album--No Pads, No Helmets... Just Balls--in 2002. Their second album--Still Not Getting Any...--was released in 2004. Their third album, a self titled one, was released in 2008. Their fourth album--Get Your Heart On!--was released June 2011.

Their singles include...

Perfect, Welcome to My Life, Addicted, I'd Do Anything, Astronaut, Summer Paradise, I'm Just a Kid, Can't Keep My Hands Off You, Perfect World, Shut Up

Some people may say they're a bunch of lame, whiny, emo losers, but they're not. They have literally SAVED LIVES, including my own. How would you like it if people constantly mocked and ridiculed the people who kept you from killing yourself, ending it all? How would you feel if you felt like you couldn't talk to anyone about any of your problems and they were all you had? How would you feel then? Go listen to This Song Saved My Life- Simple Plan. Maybe then you'll get it. They asked their fans on Twitter how their music has affected them and this was the product: an amazing, beautiful, tear-jerking song. I hope you get it now.

Anyone who's never heard their music... Please just give them a fair chance. Please.
1: Do you like that band Simple Plan?

2: Yes! They saved my LIFE xD
by That one chick. Yeah. HER. March 05, 2012
A kick ass band composed of the BEST guys ever. Made in Canada eh?
To all them haters saying kids with financially stable families have no reason to be sad GO TO HELL! Depression is a brain condition, you don't have to be homeless. Yes their lucky, but no, they CAN sing about how sad they are cuz you're not them so you don't know if their life suxx or not!
by Cryssie March 01, 2011
what you get when you request the musical equivalent of retarded monkey shit. a disturbing fusion of hillary duff-esque poop rock and the sound of millions of cats dying of bowel cancer. favoured by people who dont even have an iota of musical taste, or thoose who believe that their middle class suburban lives are too utterly depressing and cacked in the emotional crisis of their emo boyfriends dumping them or their stupid fashion mullet haircut going horribly wrong (like it wasnt wrong in the first place) to any reasonable music to come through that dosent make me want to scratch my own face off in sheer disgust
fag- mannn i love simple plan, there songs are like- just like my life
me- what do you mean?
fag- the sing about my pain and how no one understands me
me- *stabs in mouth*
fag- *gurgles inchorenetly*
me- i see what you mean....
by sammyjay August 09, 2006
a horrible band from canada... the fact that they sing what they feel makes them more facetious, and that voice !!! how bad can it sound !!?!! grrrrr... and his name is Pierre (very frenchy) hahaha

simple plan die hard fans usually consider them as the best band ever... which is evidence that they know nothing about music...

even late night with conan o'brien are making fun of that simple plan song "welcome to my life"... when the misunderstood teenager comes out and the simple plan song plays while conan, max, and the guy stares at one direction or one another... hahaha, one of the funniest things i've ever seen
by shampooo March 10, 2006
Fuckwits with guitars that whine about their lattes.
OMG, like Simple Plan like tottalllly rocks my socks.
by Viggo November 20, 2004
The horribly fake ass french-canadian "punk" band that ever pick up guitars. They are constantly singing(bitching) about how horrible their millionaire lives are.
Emo fag: Hey guys, i just bought the new simple plan album!

Other Fag: Wow, youre totally not gay now.

Emo Fag: I know huh, well im gonna go cry, listen to simple plan, and then most likely cut myself.

Other Fag: Oh thats spiffy, im gonna go write some shitty poetry about how no one loves me, see ya tomorrow...friend
by Simple Plan needs to quit bitching February 27, 2007
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