A form of dance that takes every ounce of your time and money. Causes extreme fusturation and anger. The evil slave driver, also called your ballet instructor, takes all of your money and still gives you crappy parts. High ammounts of stage make-up are required.
Guy: "Can you go to the movies on Friday?"

Simeon: "No I'm so sorry I have ballet"

Guy: "Saturday?"

Simeon: "No I'm so sorry I have ballet"

Guy: "Sunday?"

Simeon: "No I'm so sorry I have ballet"

You get the point....
by SimeonApe January 14, 2011
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(Adj.) A word discribing one of exeptional attributes, such as upper-body Strength,
drawing skills, and/or the power to make heads explode by merely staring in an obsessive manner at the victim.
Also slang for "Malagan".
"Gee, That was so Simeon", exclaimed Jesus after defeating the roman army using nothing but his thumb.
by Simala February 06, 2009
The cute one
You're the Simeon in our group.
by missyhiggins March 03, 2009
A person who tries awfully hard to fart but poops instead. Sensitive aswell, who farts and then starts crying. A person who claims to have expelled the Biggest Fart In The World Fart, yet to be proven, claims to have shaken the house and rattled the windows. This is ridiculous. No fart in the world shakes houses and rattles windows.
Simeon is a bungee pooper. The kind of poop that just hangs off your rear before it falls into the water. Unfortunately, Simeon often Jailbreaks, when forcing a poop, severeal farts slip out at a machine gun pace.
by nikynokynonoi December 13, 2011
a big assed bitch with farting problems

usually friends with Asians.

Has a damn gud ass ( not to be proud of, hes a guy hpefully)
ew that simeon over there needs to lose some weight
by yokyokmum December 02, 2011
a fat boy with big nostrils and comes from a foreign country, with a big ass and an annoying scream. is suspended numerous times and has had threats to be expelled. usually is very fatand not good looking, and is fancied by ugly fat girls.
hi im simeon im fat with big nostrils.
by gokwanegshrujx8c October 01, 2011
one who shits on peoples chests, mainly panda bears named John, and usually during video games, such as madden and fifa
Simeon: Get shitted on!!

Simeon: would you like me to get you some toilet paper for your chest?

George: hey John, whats that brown stain on your chest?

Simeon: sure you wanna wear that shirt? i would hate to stain it

Chris: i smell shit, where's Simeon?

Simeon: just had some laxatives, im ready for fifa :)
by getshittedon! December 28, 2010

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