1. A woman who will one day become a proffessor.
That sima, she will become a prof. in 6 more years (As of Nov. 2005).
by jsu8888 December 07, 2005
A really smart school girl who will go with strangers for candy.
Ooooo, that's a Sima.
by falcon3011 March 30, 2004
a WWWAAAYYY better word to use in place of words such as; cool, tight, rad, awesome, bomb, sick, etc... so you should definitly start using this word.

Pronounced: SIM-uh
"damn, that kid was not sima..." or, "ya, that movie was pretty sima"
by Dyl May 29, 2006
SIMA is self-induced mental abuse. (see ma)
Most victims and complainers are persons of SIMA.
I think stupidly, therefore I SIMA.
Bad habits are various forms of SIMA.
SIMA is as SIMA does.
“Some women believe SIMA men can be retrained. These women never succeed because they evidently have SIMA also.”
by Dodagood September 07, 2009
word made popular after the release of the popular Beenie Mansong, used as expression of joy. Not to be confused with shortened version of the name of uber noob simantha.
Tom : omg i pwnt that math test yesterday.
Harry : u heard my grade? did i get over 30?
Tom : yea yo 41!!
Harry : sima!!!!
by vengy February 07, 2008

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