the shimmering outline of a bonerinside of a pair of bicycle shorts or speedos.
Did you see the silky boner that guy had when he dismounted his ten speed?
by Boner ManDingo August 15, 2008
Top Definition
Any person bearing a brand of clothing such as "Affliction" "Ed Hardy" or "True Religion" accompanied by a pair of gator boots. Such persons reside in places such as night clubs where people compete in how much money one makes or pretends to have. Majority of Silky Boners reside in Scottsdale, AZ.
"OMG! I just saw a silky boner in the parking lot, he was waring Chanel glasses, a v neck Affliction shirt and had the gator boots with the flat toes. What a tool!!"
by November 21, 2009
The socially awkward guy who plays cliche ballads on his guitar (or other musical instrument) in public places to attract undue attention to himself. Often found wearing sweater vests or silk shirts.
Look at that silky boner playing More Than Words in front of the school library.
by scoosba April 18, 2012
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