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Congratulations you've done a search at last
_ Discused recently
_ Read the FFAQ
_ Belongs in _
_ Get a room
_ VD Women
_ Any spaceships in it?
_ Should have been a PM
_ How much is your head worth?
_ You want a nice little SV650, you do
_ STFU sheepy
_ I don't like cricket-ah
_ My Launch station
_ Don't swear in thread titles/large font
_ Welcome to Ignore... *plonk*
by Scooby September 24, 2003
2 Words related to Silentmemory
Auto correction wizard for internet forums
'should be in humour' 'been done before' etc.
by sheepy September 19, 2003
get a room
...i.e. if an argument takes place between 2 people that you don't wish to hear "get a room"
by Rainy September 23, 2003

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