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Deadly tongued scholar with 32 Cisco routers and an ARIN forensics pass. Beat me up for incorrectly installing Counterstrike on his patented 'linux training box' at Uni. Fair to say I have not kept contact beyond the 'yearly email'.
Gaz ''bastardly'' Ward.
by Martin3000 December 08, 2004
10 21
a guy named dave who threatens to kill you if you make noise while hes trying to sleep
"You guys need to shut the fuck up before i bury your fucking asses in the backyard."
by skp July 06, 2003
5 16
A person who is doing his/her job silently and tries to keep the silent after a job is done.
Admin who is not talking but kicking the lame users on IRC.
by CGG November 29, 2003
7 19
A person who sticks his dick in places silently
ask him AIM
by Solidsnack July 02, 2003
6 20
best cs player in aus !
"silencer how did u do that?"
by Peter May 21, 2003
3 17