a guy named dave who threatens to kill you if you make noise while hes trying to sleep
"You guys need to shut the fuck up before i bury your fucking asses in the backyard."
by skp July 06, 2003
Deadly tongued scholar with 32 Cisco routers and an ARIN forensics pass. Beat me up for incorrectly installing Counterstrike on his patented 'linux training box' at Uni. Fair to say I have not kept contact beyond the 'yearly email'.
Gaz ''bastardly'' Ward.
by Martin3000 December 08, 2004
A person who is doing his/her job silently and tries to keep the silent after a job is done.
Admin who is not talking but kicking the lame users on IRC.
by CGG November 29, 2003
A person who sticks his dick in places silently
ask him AIM
by Solidsnack July 02, 2003
best cs player in aus !
"silencer how did u do that?"
by Peter May 21, 2003

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