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when a guy shuts a girl up by stickin his cock in her mouth.
Trish got the silencer from Jake
by anonymous June 12, 2003
A silencer is a make-shift product to allow quiet, shameless defecations in public toilets.

A silencer is when a person bunches up a bit of toilet paper, and quickly places it in the water retaining part of the toilet bowl.

Thus, was a foreign object (fecial matter) drops into the toilet, there is no splash, and therefore no noise is created, allowing the person to walk confidently out without being given terrible terrible looks.

One downside to this is that it does not protect the person from their own gaseous discharge before the act of defecation.
Guy 1 - "Oh gosh, oh golly, I gonna crap myself,......, but I cant let anyone know im doing it, because,......., Ive been eating nothing but Indian curries and beans!, ......, oh god, its crowning!!!!!!!"

Guy 2 - "Hey buster, dont worry, use a silencer, its fine man, honestly, in Silencer we trust"

Guy 1 - "Than........ (fart)...... i gotta g-....... whoa nelly!"
by Caffo November 09, 2009
1) A device that attatches/is attatched to a balistic weapon that severely reduces the muzzle flash and sound waves that occur when the bullet is fired. This is possible by giving a large area for the hot gases to expand before it hits the cooler air, and provides an area for the flash to be contained.
2) An assasin that specializes in finding and eliminating a "Rat". Basically, a hitman.
I have a .22 rimfire pistol with a built-on silencer.
by Nikolai Nikitin July 26, 2007
A call that cannot be returned with a comeback.
Nick: Adam shut the fuck up we're going to egg your house

Adam: I have just been silenced

Prime silencer example
by anon 12345 April 07, 2011
A handful of toilet paper quickly thrown into the toilet bowl before doing a shit. This is especially useful in a public toilet, to spare your cubicle neighbours and your own embarrasment.
Oh man, I heard that! You should have used a silencer!
by GutterFish November 04, 2007
a guy named dave who threatens to kill you if you make noise while hes trying to sleep
"You guys need to shut the fuck up before i bury your fucking asses in the backyard."
by skp July 06, 2003
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