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Amazing crazzzy band from Watford area. Mikee is the god of madness - a true legend and Justin is an amazing singer. Dan, the drummer, is trully amazing (has to be heard). The rest of the band are equally great and add to the amazing sound as heard on 'The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out, Wait
For Something Wild.'They put on a brutally loud live show too which leaves you wanting more. They have to be one of the greatest bands of the moment.
Bloke 1: "Hey mate"
SikTh fan:"What!?? I can't hear you - i was at that SikTh gig the other night"
Bloke 1: "Oh right, I've heard they're crazzy"
by SikTh_ROCK January 03, 2005
SikTh are an English band, they are:
Justin Hill - Vocals
Mikee Goodman - Vocals/Words/Synths
Pin - Guitar
Dan Weller - Guitar/Piano
Dan 'Loord' Foord - Drums/Percussion
And they FUCKING rock!!
me: "Hey man, you heard of SikTh?"
Random dude: Nah mate
me: "You fucking cunt!"
by Felch The Gimp March 09, 2004
Amazing band, 2 vocalists, NOT from Wales.
I <3 Mikee from Sikth
by N March 07, 2004
A kick ass band, with exelent instrmentalists, and one crazy ass pair of vocalists, from wales. Have some strange but worringly true lyrics
Sikth are only about 100% better that Funeral for a Friend
by Elvis McGrew December 03, 2003

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