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Spending Daddy's Trillions" or "Suck Don't Talk" are only a couple of the nicknames of this nationally Jewish sorority. These sisters are the hottest, not to mention richest and best dressed, women on college campuses all over the United States. Passing the torch from generation to generation of future trophy wives, they will probably marry a Zeta Beta Tau or a doctor, lawyer or banker. Even though they are referred to as STDs they are not cum dumpster slutbag whores like the Delta Gammas and are DEFINITELY not cow stomach wannabe SDT bitches like the Tri Delts (but go ahead anyway and try Delt -- everyone else has). But seriously don't hate them because they're beautiful... hate them because your boyfriend thinks so. So don't be sad if you don't get a bid from them, they are simply out of your league.
Fratboy #1: Hey look at those Sigma Delta Tau girls, I heard they blow so much coke

Fratboy #2: Nah dude, you heard wrong, I heard they blow so much COCK

Fratboy #3: No man, you both got it wrong... they blow cash and wouldn't look twice at either of you
by liz123456 May 22, 2009
A bunch of slutty alcoholic bitches
Frat boy #1: hey what's the nastiest sorority on campus?

Frat boy #2: sigma delta tau
by thetowsongirl April 19, 2011
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