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The people & fans of D'Andre Siggas (Dcigs) who is an up and coming comedian and will be big in a few years to come.Catch him on JTV.
"Your in Siggas Nation son"
#dcigs #comedy #comedian #siggas #nation
by scouser09 February 01, 2009
A group of immature pranksters. Originally Sigga Nations started out as a group of young teens who watched for prank calls from a highly rude and unfunny "comedian". Now Siggas Nation is mainly comprised of homophobes and pedophiles.
1. Siggas Nation is coming to a day care center near you!
2. Please guys chipin to keep the Siggas Nation going.
#dcigs #siggas #nation #unfunny #pedo
by EstherGreen April 09, 2009
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