A word that my friend made up to express extreme disgust about a situation, or that a certain thing or situation was completely rancid and gross.

An expression that someone would say if something is significantly nasty.
Person 1: *pukes all over person 2's shoes*

Person 2: WTF!?! That was sooo signasty!

Person 1: Sorry, I don't feel so good.

Person 2: ¬_¬ Arse.
by Tai-sama October 28, 2008
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N: An unofficial frat house that provides wickedly awesome parties. I.E. the Sig = Sigma and Nasty = Nasty. Adj: Describing an uber-awesome party or event.
N: Are you going to Sig-Nasty's on Friday, I heard its going to be jamungo.
Adj: That party at Iowa was Sig-Nasty
by TFWC December 16, 2010

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