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A girl who has been hotter than you since 1917. These girls are the most respectable ladies out there. From campus to campus a Sig Delt girl is not your typical sorority girl, she is flawless inside and out and has standards unlike most greek letter obsessed girls:) When you see the letter's Sigma-Delta-Tau you can look up to the woman wearing them and be greeted with a warm smile :) Be careful though because her sisters ALWAYS have her back and their wittiness and class can trump ANY other sorority on campus!!If you receive a bid from STD consider yourself lucky.....you're about to join a superior standard of sisterhood. <3 peace.love.sdt
Did you see that girl, man?? Yea, she's an SDT" "I wish I got a bid from SDT :(" "Don't play with that girls heart, man, her sisters have her back, they're SDT's!" "Why is that girl so fine? OH because she's a sig delt girl." "At least she has class....DUH she's a sig delt girl!"
by gostate!92 December 06, 2010
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