The art of supplying a truthful response to someone's nagging, busy bodied question(s) such that the person feels as though their question has been satisfactorily answered but yet do not understand the answer and are unable to provide a follow up question to gain clarification for fear of appearing to be a dumbass when basically having to repeat the question.
I laid the Sifu on Jessica when she asked where I was last week. She's still clueless and has left me alone about it.
by Roland819 December 05, 2006
Top Definition
The term used for one's master in Chinese martial arts, unlike the Japanese sensai.
Yes, Sifu.
Right away Sifu.
On it Sifu.
Sorry Sifu.
by Gongfu August 25, 2004
The Sifu comes from the Chinese word "師父" or "師傅"
Si(師) means "teacher" and fu(父) means father.

Sifu actually means someone who teaches you a kind of skills or techniques, which can be a kind of material arts, a kind of musical instruments, etc.

Sifu is not only your teacher, but also your father.

We have a idiom among us:
That means "If Sifu teaches you for one day, he is already your father for your whole life."

So we have to respect to our Sifu, just like we have to respect to our dad.

Similarly, SiGung (師公) is the Sifu of your Sifu,
Gung actually means "Grandfather" in Cantonese, and you got it.
Sifu taught me a lot yesterday.
This is my Sifu, Sifu Leung.
by HongKongerfromHongKong June 13, 2009
Used to describe someone who is a master at something.
Wow you're so great si fu!
by Anonymous November 07, 2003
The leetest guy around the waix scene. He has all the new data, and everyone should look up and show respect to him otherwise he will not share his data.
Man, that sifus, he is the leetest guy! He fxped to me the latest game! I love sifus!
by Psycho December 16, 2003
someone who believes dictionary makers are out to make him wrong
Sifu says "Static ips change and dynamic ips remain the same" The dictionary is wrong.
STFU Sifu!
by Anonymous February 20, 2003
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