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Small town next to FT. Huachuca AZ. Known for the first Mcdonald's drive-through. Amazing desert scenery. Birthplace of El Jefe.
"El Jefe was born in Sierra Vista"
by D:LFKJ August 28, 2008
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a middle school in irvine, california in south orange county. full of emos who bitch, really good instrumental musicians (we have themost in honors. i doint like it tho) and the number one thing is

I go to sierra vista, the middle school that needs to be shit on from hell.
by annonymous February 20, 2005
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The Single most crappiest school in the SCV. F*cking hate it along with the rest of the students. Overly populated by those who populate canyon country.
Dude 1: Eh homes i go to Sierra Vista

Dude 2: (footsteps running away)
by thing4 February 08, 2011
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;Shitty, over populated, town right next to FT.Huachuca with a lot of assholes, & drugs. Has the First McDonalds drive through ever in america & probably the smallest mall in america.
;One of those towns where almost all the population generations grow up to fuck up there lives if they went to Buena HS... Yet still people are led to believe its a small cute little suburban area only to find there are no jobs & the ones that get hired like teachers and pigs <<<shitty behaved cops, have very small wages.
by tfox July 02, 2012
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