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A group of evironmental whackos, treehuggers, hippies and others who think they are doing the environment good but are way off on there views. They are typically retarded people who think they are "green" and have bumper stickers that say things like "save the whales".

They are liberal as all shit and typically go on backpacking trips to smoke weed and become one with "mother earth". They drive faggot ass priuses if they can afford cars and wear knitted beanies.

They protest hunting because they are usualy bastard children that were abandoned by their fathers and don't know what a real mans job is and that people were meant to eat animals or they are just homosexual. They are vegetarians and vegans and failed the anatomy part of biology in high school because they don't know that a penis goes into the vagina and thats why they touch swords
Extremely Gay Hippie: Hey man lets go hiking and smoke pot
Real Man: Fuck off tree hugger, sierra club sucks cock and balls
by 4Wheelin4Jesus March 08, 2009
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