1. a brownish red colour
2. an Italian city in lower Tuscany
3. the colour is named for the city's ancient family walls and the earth
Duccio's masterpiece, Le Maesta, is in the central cathedral of Siena.
by medaeval December 26, 2003
Top Definition
an amazing girl who is your type and should be wife'd asap. she's a complete people pleaser in every way and a serious laugh whore. You'll find yourself saying "holy shit awesome" and "woah" every time you're with her. she's a great kisser and a good time.
I have so much in common with Siena

Siena rocked me liked a seizure last night!
by zebramask January 18, 2012
Siena as a girl's name is pronounced see-EN-ah. It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Siena is "from Siena". Place name: the city of Siena in Italy, known for its art treasures. The town gave its name to a reddish shade of brown. She is usually a smart, caring girl who is popular and everyone likes her.
Siena is like so smart and nice!
by Sapponetta July 30, 2011
That fucken wonderful italian town in the south of marvellous Tuscany where the bloody exciting Il Palio takes place every year since centuries
If there is a town you should visit before to die that's definitely Siena.
by Sbirro November 21, 2004
A small liberal arts college located just outside of albany, new york. Most students come from Long Island or Syracuse. They are white, preppy, and ambivalent to the outside world.
Q: So whats albany like?

A: I wouldnt know I go to Siena
by mets1986 December 05, 2007
A fancy, roll-of-the-tongue acronym you use to describe one of the the longest stories you've ever heard. Stands for Seemingly Infinite Endless Neverending Anecdote. The numerous synonyms for "endless" are to emphasize how long these stories really are.
Mr. X: So my roomate said he could make good omelettes...

(...60 minutes later...)

Mr. X: And the omelette wasn't even that good.

Mr. Y (whispers to Mr. Z): that was a total SIENA.
by kgb12 October 09, 2013
A person that likes doing make up at random times. Loves chilling alot at cafes. quotes . "awwwww" "saaaaa" "muffinnn" "mint"
by tpeps September 14, 2011

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