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"Side Yat" This definition comes from the saying Side man Meaning: An irrelevant and powerless guy, that shows signs of moist and soggy behaviour.

However with 'Side yat'. This is a girl to which a male counter part has some sort of relationship with, however she is more a piece on the side, or a back up if you will, incase his first yat of choice decides to leave him.
This 'Side yat' does not really mean anything to the man, and is just used as a "little bit on the side".
Dylan) "Ay you know Jerome's banging that yat called Lauren yeah?"
Bob) "Yh i know fam" "But you know he's got a 'Side yat' Called stacey?"
Bob) "Man she don't even know she's a 'Side yat'". "She thinks he loves her off".
Dylan) "I know fam!" "such a 'Side yat' haha".
by OriginalSlangCreatorAlfz February 15, 2013
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