1. Bass player who couldn't play; "played" with the Sex Pistols. The inabilty to play didn't stop him being the coolest dead man alive.

2. Incredibly hot.

3. Dead. Heroin is bad.
I had a dream I had sex with Sid Vicious.
It was the best dream I have ever had.
by ClockworkRose December 20, 2004
Top Definition
Born on 10 May 1957 as 'John Simon Richie'. Initially the Sex Pistols most loyal fan, he was asked by their cunt of a manager Malcolm to join after they kicked out their old bassist, Glen. Dubbed Sid Vicious by Johnny Rotten after he was bitten by Johnny's 'vicious' hamster named Sidney. Gained reputation for being violent and abusive, but on inside was actually a fucking legend. Quiet and shy, he met Nancy, a heroin addict/prostitute who fucked him up and who I blame for his demise. MAd punkrocker.
I Loved the Sex Pistols. I think, along with a few of John's other friends, that I was their biggest fan.
by Stef October 30, 2004
The second bass player of the Sex Pistols. Born Simon John Beverly, When his father left, his mother renamed him John Simon Ritchie. He could actually only play one riff on bass, that he learn from a Ramones record while he was doped up on speed. On stage he mutalated himself and told the croud that they were fucking queers. The first band he was in was The Flowers Of Romance, who never played music, but just hung out and got high. The second band he was in was the original Siouxie & The Banshees. He was the drummer. After they ousted him, Malcolm Mclaren, the bitch manager of the Sex Pistols, asked him to join as the bassist. He did not get his stage name from Johnny R's 'vicious' hamster Sydney. His name came from the Pink Floyd member Syd Barret, and from 'Vicious' a song by The Velvet Underground.
Sid Vicious is fucking great. Fuck you if you think otherwise you little dicks!
by Freak Face May 05, 2005
Crazy motherfucker what played bass for one the best punk bands ever, the sex pistols, sid did not know how to play bass and was notorious for being violent on stage, anywhere from self-mutalating himself or calling the audience a "bunch of fucking queers"
in conclution SID VICIOUS is the definition of punk rock and is a fucking god
sid vicious is the only person i have heard of to get sooo stoned that he murders his own girlfriend.
by sam October 26, 2004
Sid Vicious was the second bassist for the largely popular punk band, the Sex Pistols. He was voilent, crazy and bored. During shows, Sid would carve words into his chest or vomit on the crowd. Sid soon met Nancy and she introduced him to herione which he quickly became addicted to. Sid was later accused of killing Nancy and he eventually overdosed on herione. Sid is a punk legend and is often seen as a mascot for punk. He often gains most credit for the Sex Pistols although he wasn't the greatest bassist and he didn't write all of the songs. But, Sid showed that you didn't exactly need to be the greatest at your instrument to be in a punk band, but to have the right spirit and attitude. Many people blame Nancy for Sid's troubles and death because she introduced him to the highly addictive drug, but without Sid's death would the punk scene be the same? If Sid didn't become addicted to herione, would punk in GENERAL be the same?
Sid Vicious died on February 2nd, 1979. He was 21 years and 9 months old.
Although Sid Vicious' life was short he will not be forgotten. His legend lives on.
by Lola Pie Punk January 01, 2006
Deceased musician whose birth name was some combination of John, Simon, Beverly, and Ritchie, depending on whose side of the story you're hearing. His stage name was not derived from Syd Barrett, it came from friend John Lydon's hamster Sidney who apparently bit Lydon's father on the finger and earned the nickname "Vicious."

Sid played in the first incarnation of Siouxsie and the Banshees, before joining the Pistols, meeting druggie Nancy Spungen, and basically wasting away until he died. Moral: Heroin is not good.
Sid Vicious is dead.
by Lady Pain August 05, 2005
1: a very-bad big-man wrestler who broke his leg on a wCw pay-per view in January 2001
2: one of punk rock's pioneers with the Sex Pistols. Infameous for the Sid & Nancy tradic love story which ended with both being dead.
Sid Vicious the wrestler, sucks ass!!!!
Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols f*ckin' rules!!!!
by Mike March 30, 2005
Legendary bass 'player' with the Sex Pistols. Couldnt play bass (slight drawback) Had a notorious violent streak. Blinded a girl (another punk band members girlfriend I believe) when he threw a glass at the the Damned as they were playing.

Also played drums for Siouxsie and the Banshees.
Never mind the bollocks...heres the sex pistols
by Clavus Torquis March 21, 2004
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