Suburb in NJ a.k.a. Little Camden
"You're not one of those Sicklerville girls are you?"
by Jplovesant June 11, 2008
Top Definition
A suburb of New Jersey. Once mostly farm land now a lot of new developments. Some very wealthy section, others not so good. A boring town in Camen County, New Jersey. Mostly African Americans that think they are ghetto just because their parents are from Trenton or Philly.

Becoming one of the more wealthy minority communties in NJ. Crime rate is non-existant.
Sicklerville is kinda like a nice community.
by its me1024 February 07, 2010
A suburb in new jersey, its pretty much like camden or philly. Its where all the G's are located there are many different sections to this place (most of them are ghetto). If your a G and you live in suburbia New Jersey you most likely live here! Also most gangs in this section of town live here.
(person 1) yooo, this G kid in my class lives in sicklerville!!!!
(person 2) ahah no surprise there, thats where all the G's live.
by lafawndizuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh September 30, 2008
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