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Medical charlatans whose skills and attitudes are typical of the practitioners found in military sickbays and working for the Veterans Health Administration. They pretend to be able to diagnose and heal like other doctors, but are generally unqualified, incompetent, and lazy. Sickbay doctors lack curiosity and are usually ignorant of the latest advances in medicine. Most are simply inept, but others may use techniques, substances, or devices for the prevention and treatment of disease that are known to be ineffective and possibly dangerous.
I went to my local VA Clinic because I was suffering from severe cramps, a fever, and dizziness. Unfortunately, they sent me to one of their sickbay doctors who told me to take an antacid, and go home to rest. I later found out in the Emergency Room of my local hospital that my appendix had ruptured.
by M Mackenzie July 28, 2011
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