When something is just so insane and unbelievable.
"The way that chick ran track today was sick nasty"
by Taylor Sprizzzzzzleee April 20, 2006
to explain something of importance.
to be amused of another thing.
shittt son that's SICK NASTY!
by Alex =) June 17, 2006
When I had first used the combination of sick and nasty, I had no idea others had used it before.

During a trip to Mexico on June 8th 2006, a friend spotted something gross outside the car. I looked over and my first thought was nasty, the words "freak-nasty" came out of my mouth instead. He replied by saying "sick", I then used the combination of thoughts and answered back "sick nasty!"

After my discovery, I used this "new" phrase a lot during the trip. I found lots of times to use "sick nasty".

1."sick nasty" to me, means some that is really good, exciting, amazing, etc.
2."sick nasty" can also replace words such as: wow!, dang!, shazamm!, etc.
3."sick nasty" is often times used for something that is gross or disgusting. like: gross!, yuck!, nasty!, etc.

Sick nasty is commonly used as a phrase of exclaimation.The phrase is usable in many situations, its meaning is mainly dependant on the delivery, tone, and annunciation.

"go back to being drunk"
"meh,ill sick the bubble bees on you..."
1."mexico was great I had a sick nasty time there"
2."what is that over there?...OH Sick NAsTy!"
3."did you just eat that?..SIck NasTY!"
by Dr. Sick-Nasty June 17, 2006
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