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When someone does something stupid, or something back fires, or anything negative happens, a sick beak is in order.

Origin: Calgary, Alberta. Joey Laslo, and Corey Watts.
Cameron: Joey just downed an entire bottle of tequila and is vomiting on your bed!

Nate: FUCK!

Cameron: ahahah sick beak.
by Joey Laslo January 11, 2009
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The phrase often said when two people are making mean comments back and forth (beaking) and one of the two lands an amazing comeback or gives out a good one it is referred to as sick beaks.
A cripple: get your ass out of the way im trying to get threw here!

a guy: shut it dead legs im going

the cripple: Hey asshole i may not be able to move my legs but at least i have all THREE of mine.

The cripple just landed a SICK BEAK

The cripple if he had a friend would most likely yell "oh man, "sick beaks"
by SHAVE MY BANANA PLZ June 24, 2009
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