To overdo something or to be extra. To act unnecessarily.
Yo, she was extra hype on the dancefloor. She got sick wit it.
by Ayonna April 21, 2008
Top Definition
1.A term used when something is more or less "cool" or "awesome". It could also be used if something is " nasty "
2. An And 1 Basketball player who is indeed Sick Wit It.
3. Trailblazin like Portland
EX/ yo son those fries are sick wit it

EX/ shit Mo Meezy that shot was sick wit it

EX/ Playa Playa that was sick wit it throw it up son

EX/ that nasty ass shit looks sit wit it.
by Jason Boon February 09, 2004
nasty; amazing; like OMFG GREAT
1) Look at J hit dem 3's. That kid is sick wit it.

2) Yo Jordan's 37 hits 19s! That man is SICK WIT IT!
by J 0 K A February 02, 2005

Describes something or someone as being proficient in their field and thus enjoyable for its, his, or her audience.
That new Gorillaz album is sickwitit.

Did you see Daniel Day Lewis in There Will Be Blood? He was sickwitit.
by smrtboi2120 April 02, 2010
feeling of depression
extremely good at something
I have so much on my mind right now, I'm so stressed out. Man I'm sick wit it!!
I been rapping since '95, man I'm sick wit it!!
by Desiree Berrones November 21, 2005
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