a type of shit you take when your sick and your nose is stuffy and you cant smell anything. After taking this shit you let it simmer in the bowl like chili because you cant smell its intensity as much as someone else who can.
*thinking* hmmm, i do believe its time to take a sick shit and blow my nose a little bit, good thing i ate that enchalada last night.
by theladykiller35196 February 20, 2011
Top Definition
Something that's is extremely awesome or very very cool.
Those shoes are real sick shit!
by Aorience February 25, 2006
1.A person thats really fucking stupid and sick like a person named tony schill (aka Franchesco) 2. a funny name to call jigglypuff 3. a donkey dick
You fucking sick shit!!
by Drew January 07, 2004
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