semen, jizz, male jelly.
You sure you want my sick sauce? You'll be sick for 9 months.
by calibarista February 04, 2010
Top Definition
An utterly amazing saucer pass during a game of hockey.
Jarome: (Makes an airborne pass over the sticks of three defenders right to a team mate)

Spectator: Sick Sauce!
by Neon Tiger February 08, 2010
A Sick Sauce, Perfected by only the dirtiest of all hockey players, and cannot be performed by dusters of any sort, happens when a hockey player has the puck on his stick and needs to make a pass to another teammate but can't because there is an opposing player in the way. The player then procedes to pass the puck in the air instead of on the ice in a "saucer" like motion going flat through the air and not fluttering at all, but going cleanly over the stick of the defender.
Sick sauce Dau, because of that, I buttered the tender's bread
Thanks D-Dogg
by dusty dick May 14, 2011
Chris Gentry
antonym: Corey Theetge (weak sauce)
by Chris Gentry October 30, 2003
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