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A term used by stuck up fags, who pop the collar. "Sick" is supposed have the same meaning as cool, or out of this world, but really people who use it just sound effing retarded.
"what a douche fuck that guy just said I had sick shoes, lets beat him with a tire iron"

"you know how I know you are gay? You say sick"
by alisgha February 29, 2008
8 23
A term many homophobes use to mean...homosexual.
A) Hey did you know? Bob is sick!
B) Hmm...maybe we should send him a card then.
A) What?!!? You're sick too?
B) o_O WTF?!?!
A) I can't believe you decieved me all these years.
*Stabs person B in the neck*
by Passm June 05, 2005
8 29