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When something is much too cool or awesome for just one word to describe it.
Edwin: So what did you do last night?
Brendan: I was out at the bar, when two girls picked me up, brought me back to their apartment and proceeded to give me a two girl blumpkin.
Edwin: Sick dick!
by Danger McHot Sexypants March 04, 2010
sex from a guy who has a cold or is generally feeling ill
John Doe: Hey baby...I'm home sick today from work...I feel terrible but im so damn horny

Jane Doe: ur so nasty...i guess its sick dick for me
by pervtasticJR October 22, 2010
another word for rad, gnar, awesome, cool etc.
yo bra that was sickdick.

that moutaindew was sickdick.
by Tubby Tomkins July 20, 2010
slight dripping, ferverish, and a constant burning rash around the tip of the penis
that guys got a sick dick!!!
by tyler baswell July 31, 2003
Some one trying to act sick!
Person A: Shit....check me out, im a fuckin pimp.

Person B: Your a fuckin sick dick!
by Howl Wrote May 19, 2005
having or relating to an STD.
you don't want to get with a sick dick
by C. Ren January 17, 2004
1. A sick dick occurs when a man's fully erect penis is so mighty that it causes "bitches to be Trippin" or another man/woman to say "aaaahhhhh" or "ooohhhhh" in a drawn out manner.

2. When a man's pen-is mightier than a sword.

(in both definitions the word sick is from the sk8r term meaning awesome or "rad")
Man: Behold my PEN-IS!

Woman: aaahhhh.. that is a sick dick!
by mighty hammer May 20, 2011