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Someone who is Sick (in the) Head.
Hence Sick Head.
This is a person who tends to do crazy dangerous and slightly harsh things. This involves getting in fights and going crazy.
(See Jack Brett)
I wouldn't start on that guy he is a sick head, and will put you on the floor
by RocketDan September 07, 2004
comes from the south west of London around the Wimbledon area... meaning a person is crazy or sick in the head to do such and obscene thing
-"allow jumping over that barbed wire fence, you sickhead" ... cops are comming
by Jon July 07, 2004
When someone does something cool or crazy they are a sickhead.
Brody runs onto private farming land and getts the farmer to chase him with his shotgun for trespassing. In this situation Brody is a sickhead.
by Finn'Shizzle September 10, 2006
someone who is really good at something
I'm a sickhead at dancing
by dark phoenix90 December 10, 2006
sick head can mean some one is sick in the head, but also can mean something is good.
1:oi man you got my phone
2:yh man i got it
by Daniel Hayden October 19, 2007
somebody who is sick at something. a sickhead could be an extremely violent person, or a stunt performer, a joker of all levels. the jack in the pack, the sickhead of the group will be popular providing he continues to be a sickhead.
"did you see those brutal sickheads in the pit?"
if you do that you are a fucking sickhead.
by scaripumpkin December 19, 2005
crazy person. taking craziness to the extreme, someone who doesn't give a sh!t, on one, trippin out, name given to some1 differeciating the norm! not all there! origionates in manchester england!
look at that guy it that fight over hes goin crazy/ sick what a sickhead1
by ste norbury March 09, 2006
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