; A human being named Greg Long that got so good at video games that he was called Si0X, becuase of the vast coolness of the word. He was the ruler and best clan leader of all time. He is still today and ifact, Si0X is pwning some n00b at this very moment.
Oh Shit Si0X is the room should we quit ?

Si0X can I join your clan ?

Drop your pants Si0X so I can suck you off.
by Council of Video Gameing Gods. August 28, 2004
Top Definition
A forum troll who is slowing trying to become a console game god but lacks certain skills that are needed. One including spelling.
I'm out like Si0X in a spelling bee.
by PolishPanda October 08, 2004
A huge douche who is fat and has 12 chins
Wow you si0x.

Get the fuck outta here you damn si0x
by toxic March 23, 2005
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