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A very artistic person, plays Musical instruments so beautifully it makes anyone around them feel happy instantly. Has a natural beauty that generates from them. Also very Proud. Self determind. Energetic. Easily exitable.
Shylah is so pretty even with no makeup!
I love when Shylah plays the Violen.
by thinkinPinkin February 03, 2010
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Shylah is the definition of perfection. She possesses the radiance of an angel. With a stunning smile she is able to capture one's heart. Her eyes can only be compared to the magnificence of sparkling jewels. Her soft voice is like a soothing melody. Shylah is love in its purest form.
Wow, that chick is a perfect 10 all around, her name must be Shylah. Too bad she's taken.
by sssnake February 03, 2010
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