shyan is a pretty tubular person. oh yea, jane wants to know if youve seen her wig around, she feels naked without it. oph yea, i like moses and dancing like molly ringwald and the rest of the breakfast clubbers.
check out this move
by becky July 27, 2003
Top Definition
fucking hipocritical two faced bitch who is too stuck up in her own little dream world and needs a fucking reality check. oh but she will always be considered nice and hot because she's popular, and if you were mean to her, or :gasp: told her the truth, what would it do to your reputation?
typical lumbertonian
by you'll see July 31, 2003
Shyannn is my best friend.. and shes cool. and just because shes dating some one from a band shes not stuck up? and we like to watch the drive thru records dvd and eat olives.. while making fun of BIG BIRD! shes cool.
Try the queen size olives
by Youu knowww July 21, 2003
shes one rad girl, shes the best mexican ever...shes so cool...shes a true balla.
by Jake July 17, 2003
Hello. this is Shyan. i have no life so Im writting a post about myself. Yes Becky..I have seen Jane's wig.. Tell her Im truly sorry. and Jake.. That was a nice post! Youre my balla bro! and Yes.. Drive thru records dvd, fuck yeah... and yes, I agree with "You'll see"!! That was an excellent post!!.. Im totally serious.. but it would be much cooler if you put your name! Id probably want to be your best friend! Well I mainly wrote this to say. I am Becky and Louis's biggest fans!! and I can not wait to be in Tanning tourture!
Wow! that girl can dance just like Molly Ringwald!
syan is awesome and shes my best friend and will always be. id like to thank her for always beign there for me
pat green has rad feet
by who else? July 22, 2003
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