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Most Shy-Ann's like penis. BUT, those penises have to be big. It's the a violation against the 11th commandment for them to like small penises. They also think the worst in all situations. They're fun to hang around and very random. Shy-Ann's like the idea of "Friends with Benefits" instead of relationships. If you run into a Shy-Ann, tell her i said what up!
by shinin95 November 30, 2011
13 14
Sweet and friendly girl. Often fits her nickname of SHY, she is nervous in new situations but warms up quickly and fits right in. Very book smart but amusingly clueless at times which adds to her charm! Shyann's are great friends that have a good sense of humor with a touch of sarcasm.
I wish all my friends were Shy! (Shyann)
by Pmak February 03, 2010
214 76
Shyann is an awesome person
You are so nice, you must be Shyann.
by Blah49589485 February 03, 2010
157 44
Sweet and friendly. Has few friends, often shy, and likes to be alone. Hated by many, loved by enough. Beautiful yet thinks negatively. Book smart, but easily confused, which just adds to her charm! Shyanns are great friends with a good sence of humor and lots of sarcasm.
You're beautiful, you must be a Shyann!
by theone123. April 29, 2011
82 48