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word describing a perfect female. Beautiful, intelligent, sexual, stylish, and with a great personality.
She is so... shweta!
by fudgestripes February 27, 2008
320 59
Extremely gorgeous, goddess of beauty, fair complexioned, has the best personality type and the most loved one. Life of the party who everyone wants to be around.
Oh, I wish I was THAT Shweta.
by Queen912 May 06, 2009
303 90
A type of mammal. Hard to spot as not very many in the world. There are a few distinct characteristics which make you know if something is a shweta. Their hair takes the appearace of a bush. This is to show their appreciation for the natural vegetation that is found on earth. They are vegetarians.They also smile alot and blink at the same time making them look rather eccentric however they are a friendly species. They like to crunch on raw rice. One was spotted recently in Wapping.
oh look at that shweta listening to her i-pord
by sintoe March 26, 2008
59 177
a bitch(in my experience) who nags you to death and is a fat cow asshole, who was wrongfully named shweta
oh god here comes that fat bitch shweta
by blowmi May 11, 2011
37 165
an adjective universally used as a comparison to the perfect male
Damn, I never knew I could be like Shweta
by spimp March 13, 2005
38 193