Top Definition
A large penis.
Stephanie: Does Alex have a shwanker?
Jessie: Yes, he has a rather monsterous shwanker?
by R3d H0nd4 January 06, 2010
A combination of words Shwamy (slimy) and Wanker (one who partakes in vigorous, inappropriate self pleasure)
"That guy is such a Shwanker! He tried to grope me and grope himself at the same time!"
by shelly says April 16, 2016
shwanker- the word that describes every word
means-dick, sex ,some1 beignn a asswipe, moron stupid
dude ur a shwanker
shwank me harder
you fucking shwanker
hes being a shwanker
by shwanker March 28, 2005
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