The single greatest word known to man, to repeat this word is to curse god, commit suicide, and have a group orgy...

Fully male orgy...
Cole: Shwam
Chad: Wut?
Cole: 0.0
by Cyeole April 27, 2009
the area of skin directly behind your knee where your calf and underside of your thigh meet. or the back part of your knee that creases when you bend your knee. meant to gross out people who have no idea what a "shwam" is and thing it is a private area.
"Dude, its so hot out here, my shwams are sweating so bad"

"Dude, i gotta go wipe my shwam, its sweating so bad"
by laxmyballs7 April 27, 2009
Shwam is a slang which can refer to several definitions/occasions.
Shit, Yes, Yay, Awesome, Sexy

"He's so shwam"
by DELUprovider April 23, 2008
1. verb - take a shit
2. noun - a shit
1. Ben - I gotta take a shwam again
2. Me - You shwam all the damn time
by Snoopy To The D-O-double-G February 08, 2004

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